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Venice: Must Sees and Mystique

Just as her people proudly proclaim themselves natives of their city over their country, Venice is a city that transcends history: not quite Italian, but something mystical, unique. Venice is born of the ocean and taken by the ocean, caught in a push and pull with time, faced with her own mortality constantly, yet immortal – and perhaps this is why so many are drawn to her flooded shores, drawn by the sense that she has survived so long only to possibly disappear with our generation, drawn to meet and fall in love with this immortal city before she vanishes into dreams.

Read about some tips for your visit to Venice – a city of endless duality, mystique, and beauty at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/heather-keleher/venice-must-sees-and-myst_b_9795286.html


Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast: A Getaway for Everybody

Last week, after I posted my article on “My Top 10 Experiences Around the World,” a reader asked why the Americas were not included in the list. Costa Rica is one of my favorite vacation locations in the world — here is an article and love letter to my Central American paradise. Read about it at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/heather-keleher/costa-ricas-pacific-coast-a-getaway-for-everybody_b_9482628.html

Costa Rica

My Top 30 Meals Around the World, Part I

Food and culture go hand in hand. In my quest to discover the cultures of the world, I have found the greatest hints to be scattered across plates, kneaded into dough, and embedded in a smile and a heavily accented word. Across my travels, I have fallen in love with food – from the delicate grace of a plate handcrafted by a Michelin Star chef to the hearty love of a simple and generous pasta whipped up by a grandfatherly Italian. The following list details the first ten restaurants in my list of the top 30 meals that I have encountered. Read more at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/heather-keleher/my-top-30-meals-around-the-world-part-i_b_8448158.html