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Closing the Loop: Driving a Circular Future

By 2050, oceans are expected to have more plastic swimming in their depths than fish.

30% of garbage that comes from the United States stems from packaging.

In 2018, industry emitted nearly 24% of global CO2 emissions.

Today, we can look at the circular economy as a revolution against planned obsolescence. Read on here to learn how high tech, smart cities, and the circular economy are colliding in 2019.

How will the Fourth Industrial Revolution Transform How We Govern?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a new beast: progressing at a faster and more aggressive pace than any of the prior three revolutions.

A toolbox for agile governance includes eight key pieces.

This revolution is characterized by oceans of big data, the rise of autonomous machines and robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, distributed ledger, and the Internet of Things. The sheer speed of innovation and rapid adoption of new technologies pushes traditional government to its limits: today‚Äôs governments must be more data-driven, people-focused, and agile than ever before. But what does agility mean in terms of government?

Read on here.