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Entrepreneurship Around the World

“If you have a brain, you are a startup.”

So says a sign in Krakow’s “Podgorze” district: once a Jewish Ghetto – home to the Schindler’s Factory of Spielberg’s infamous “Schindler’s List” – and now a hotspot for Polish entrepreneurs.  Amidst the uniform steely industrial warehouses, bits of color and life dart out: signs of the companies within, street art celebrating a reborn Poland, a waft of coffee from an edgy warehouse-turned-café (complete with chairs made of splintered wooden boxes covered in burlap coffee sacks), and splashes of paint – beauty amidst monotony, creation amidst a previous wasteland.


25 Quotes for the Entrepreneur

Across history, the world’s greatest minds have been entrepreneurs – in every sense of the word – pursuing new ideas, braving risks, seizing initiative, and leaping over obstacles with determination and the contents of their minds.  The following list of advice from these scientists and visionaries and explorers and creators demonstrates the power of persistence, hard work, creativity, and dreams in entrepreneurship.

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